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In the history, mybkexperience the art of theater in ancient Greece known as the days of the convention instituting playwright who still have influence until now. Spells that initially just spoken and unspoken, lasted into the written script, while prayers metamorphose into a story or play. Greek playwright bring figures research, among others Aeschylus (525-456 BC), Sophocles (496-406 BC), Euripides (480-406 BC), and Aristophanes (around 400 BC). They are fathers researchers plays.

In the subsequent development of theater art history, religious ceremonies further highlight the storytelling. Group of people moving paraded a goat that has been dressed up with a variety of jewelry. They drove it around the market offerings or highway accompanied by the sound of drums, flutes, and other sounds. The convoy slowed, or stopped growing when the audience to give an opportunity to the narrator (the narrator) that tells a story. The narrator tells the story of one of the gods to the audience that rows in the street or stand surrounded him.
Jake Tarub is a dashing young man who has supernatural powers. He often went out into the forest to hunt and gain knowledge. mybkexperience  When a full moon day in the evening he entered the forest, from the distance he heard the faint sound of a woman who was joking. Driven by curiosity, Jake Tarub goes looking for direction toward the voices. Until finally he found a very beautiful lake in the middle of the forest, together with 7 beautiful woman taking a bath and joking ria. With mengendap- sneaked, Jake Tarub walked over. Then he discovered the scarf women are lying scattered. After the vote, he stole one of them and hide them. Some time went by and the angel was about to return to the heavenly.