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Literature is basically a creation, a creation not only - eye an imitation (in Luxemburg, 1989: 5). Literature as the shape and the result of a creative work, is essentially a medium which utilizes language to reveal about human life. Therefore, a literary work, in general, contains about issues surrounding human life. Emerging literature born background their basic human impulse to reveal his existence. (In Sarjidu, 2004: 2).

Usually literature is divided by geographic region or language. So, which is included in the Literature category are: Novel story / stories (written / verbal), poetry, poem, play / drama, painting / calligraphy.


Drama / theater is one of the most popular literature until now. Even in this day and age there has been a rapid growth in the field of theater. For example, soap operas, movies, and shows - other performances depicting the life of living beings.


In addition, drama / theater also has become a tremendous business area. In this case, the organizer or the actor will receive financial benefits as well as being famous, but before it gets to t